Iran Combination Tour
Iran is a rich country, full of attractions. It enjoys different climate. Due to it, the tourists can experience different places from south to north. When you see snow on the northwest of Iran, you can enjoy a warm weather in the south coast. This 27-day tour is a complete image of Iran. It begins in Tabriz and ends in one of the most beautiful island of the world, Kish Island in the south of Iran. In this package you have a chance to get acquainted with different customs of Iran. You can visit both natural landscape and man-made buildings and sites. You can experience adventure times in house and camel riding, boat riding, jet ski, rafting, diving, hiking, climbing, etc. The transportation includes the best quality land and off-road vehicles.

Duration: 27-days & 26-nights
Day 1: Tabriz
Upon your arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel. After a short rest, you can visit El Gl also known as Shah Gl with its beautiful artificial lake. Carpet Bazaar also is waiting for you. You can see some of the most beautiful carpets of Iran with different colors and design in this bazaar.
Day 2: Kandovan
In the second day, you can visit Kandovan. Drive to this unique and extraordinary ancient rocky village. The cliff dwellings, still inhabited, excavated inside rocks. They formed by volcanic remains from strong eruptions and dated back to at least 700 years ago. In the afternoon, you will go to one of the residents’ house to learn how to cook one of the most delicious food, Tabrizi Kufteh. Stay night at one of the most interesting hotels in the world, a rocky one in Kandovan.
Day 3: Ardebil – Noamd Tribe
After breakfast, the team will start journey to Ardebil. En route you can visit Shahsavan Tribe, a nomadic pastoralist, and become familiar with their style of life and their customs and traditions (music, dance, food, etc.). They migrate between Mughan steppe of Azarbaijan (qishlaq in winter) and Mount Sabalan (yeylagh in summer). Stay a night with them. Enjoy riding horses.
Day 4: Sareyn
The time will be passed with the tribe and you can eat lunch with them; Ash Dough is among their favorite food you certainly will enjoy. Afterwards, the team will continue to Sareyn, a unique natural region with hot mineral springs and therapeutic values.
Day 5: Sareyn
You will enjoy the springs and swimming. The water is heated by Sabalan Mountain, the second highest mountain of Iran after Damavand. There are about 9 hot springs and several cold water ones. You will enjoy this fantastic place.
Day 6: Bandaranzali
After breakfast, you will drive to Bandaranzali, a harbor town and also an important economical region on the Caspian Sea. It also enjoys the first and the largest port in Iran. After lunch and a short rest, you can visit Clock Tower called Manareh. After that, you can walk in the beach and enjoy the blueness of the Sea.
Day 7: Bandaranzali – Masal
In the morning you can visit Anzali Lagoon and enjoy its beautiful Lotus. Boat riding is also very enjoyable activity you can experience in this fantastic lagoon. You will be sent to Masal after lunch and a short rest.
Day 8: Masal
Masal is a gorgeous city in north of Iran. In this day, you can enjoy walking and hiking the beautiful heaven-like jungles of Olsilengah; it is just a paradise on the Earth. You have also the chance to get acquainted with the peoples custom (dance, music, food).
Day 9: Karaj
Drive to Dizin, Karaj, the most important ski resorts in Iran; it is also one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world. It is granted by the International Ski Federation for its capability in administrating official and international competitions on the grass and snow. After skiing, you will be drive to Tehran, The capital.
Day 10: Tehran
Drive to Tehran in the morning. The rest of the day is at leisure.
Day 11: Tehran
After breakfast, you can visit Jewelry Museum to see Persian arts. After visiting the museum, Golestan Palace, the former royal Qajar complex and the oldest historic monuments in Tehran, will welcome you.
Day 12: Maranjab Desert
Early in the morning, you will go to Maranjab by off-road vehicles. Having lunch in a caravanserai, you can experience walking on the sands, enjoying and taking photo of desert. Afterwards, you will go to Sargardan Island to camp and watch beautiful night sky of desert.
Day 13: Salt Lake
After breakfast, you will enjoy riding the camels in Salt Lake. Afterwards, you will drive to Kashan.
Day 14: Kashan
Early in the morning, you will visit Kashan, the city of rosewater, a beautiful oasis city with a 9,000 years of civilization to become familiar with its historic architecture through Tabatabaee House (built in 1880s) and Boroojerdi House (built in 1857). The delightful Fin Garden, designed in the 16th century, also welcomes you. It is a garden and a public bath and experience calm.
Day 15: Abyaneh – Isfahan
In the fifth day of this tour, drive to Abyaneh. A fantastic village with red buildings. Its kind people are in traditional dress. Walk in the mud-brick town. In the afternoon, you can go to Isfahan, to visit half the world.
Day 16: Isfahan
A full day city tour of Isfahan is waiting for you. Naghsh-e-Jahan Square including Qeysarie gate, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu, and Imam Mosque is the first destination. This historical complex was constructed between 1598 and 1629. Afterwards, you can visit Chehel Sotoun, a place where the ambassadors and dignitaries were welcomed by Shah Abbas II, Safavid King.
Day 17: Isfahan
Today is at leisure
Day 18: Isfahan
In the third day of visiting Isfahan, as the half the world, you can visit Armenian Vank Cathedral established in 1606. After visiting historical bridges of Isfahan, you can go to Birds’ Garden, founded in 1990’s. It has more than 5,000 birds from 130 species belonging to different parts of Iran.
Day 19:Shahr-e Kord
After breakfast, you can visit Shahr-e Kord known for its natural environment especially its waterfalls and rivers. Rafting is waiting for you in Armand river. You will also enjoy the pure nature. Stay night in a camp.
Day 20:Yasuj
Early in the morning, you will go to Margoon Waterfall in Yasuj. You can eat the breakfast on the way. After reaching the Waterfall, you can enjoy its beautiful nature and climate. Afterwards, you can go to Shiraz to sleep.
Day 21: Shiraz
Early in the morning, you can drive to visit two Persian ancient glorious sites. Persepolis, the glory of Persian empire and the ceremonial capital of Achaemenid empire founded by Darius (486-522 B. C.) and Necropolis or Naghsh-e-Rustam belonging to both Achaemenid and Sassanid Periods. It has four large tombs cut into the cliffs.
Day 22: Shiraz
After breakfast, you can visit one of the most elegant architectural site of Shiraz, Zaniyah Complex containing the Arg, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bazaar. After eating lunch and a short rest, you can visit one of the most beautiful gardens in Shiraz, Ghavams house or Naranjestan Ghavam (built between 1879 and 1886), a building full of orange trees.
Day 23: Shiraz
After eating breakfast, you can go to Derak and enjoy the biggest zipline in the middle east. Afterwards, you can visit Hafeziyeh, the tomb of the biggest Persian mystic and sonneteer born in 8th century.
Day 24: Kish
In the morning, you will have a flight to Kish. After a short rest and eating lunch you can visit Kariz underground city, an incredible city covers about 10,000 m2. It is constructed from an ancient underground aqueduct.
Day 25: Kish
In this day, you have the opportunity to dive in Canyon Beach to see beautiful turtles and eagle rays and Carpet Sharks. This site has a depth of 8 to 14 m located in the southwestern part of the island with beautiful cliffs and rocks.
Day 26: Kish
In the morning and after the breakfast, you can enjoy visiting dolphins in Dolphin Park which is really worth visiting. Afternoon is at leisure.
Day 27: Kish
After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport to depart.

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