Iran tourist visa is issued in case you wish to travel to Iran for tourist purposes only. There are two steps to get an Iranian tourist visa: 

Step 1: Apply for your authorization code

     Complete the Iran visa authorization application code (Visa Form). Please promptly complete and email this form together with a scanned copy of the first page of your passport +1 passport photo to our email ( ).

  For U.S, Canadian and British passport holders only, all Iran authorization code applications must be accompanied with a detailed resume.

  We will submit application forms to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Visa authorization codes generally take up to 2 weeks depending on your nationality (this process can be much longer for Canadian, British and US citizens).

  When approved, we will notify you of your authorization code. Once the code is received please apply for your visa directly with the nominated Iranian embassy or Iran International Airports (see Step 2 for further instructions). 

Step 2: Obtain your Iran tourist visa stamp

  Once you have received your emailed authorization code and letter, immediately apply for your visa sticker in your nominated Iranian embassy or Iran International Airports.

  In your nominated Iranian embassy you will need to provide your passport, the visa fee, 2 passport photos and insurance policy. Some consulates may have different requirements. You must check this before submitting your application.